A different idea of safety!
Everything about safety!

Our company makes food that can be consumed by our children without any concern.

Renewallife pursues an eco-friendly life - ECO MATE
When we first learn to ride the tricycle, we ride it without having to learn how.
Once we are on it, we become friends with the tricycle as if it is a part of us. We pursue a healthy and fun eco-friendly lifestyle like the one provided by tricycles in our childhood.

Our tricycles were like true soulmates that stayed with us from the time we went out to play in the morning until dusk when we returned home.
We will strive hard, so that, together with our customers, we can enjoy the eco-friendly lifestyle that becomes a friendly and trustworthy lifestyle habit the way our tricycles were.

  • Ik soon Jang
  • Confectionery, Agricultural products
  • 3 Jan 2004
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Philosophy that embodies the devotion of a mother
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