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Mom’s heart that cares about feeding healthy food to our children .

DDODDOMAM stems from the hearts of mothers who care for their children to eat healthy snacks they like while also having fun.

  • Mom’s heart that cares about feeding healthy food to our children
  • DDODDOMAM makes efforts while thinking of mothers who keep an eye on all things at all times ‘because it is what my child eats’.
  • Mom’s heart that cares for children to grow up healthily with upright character
  • All moms hope that their children will grow up with healthy bodies and minds to enjoy a happy life.
  • Mother’s heart that cares for the world that our children live in
  • Selecting eco-f riendly p roducts allows children to grow up healthily by turning the world into a clean and pure place.
First philosophy

We consider the taste preference of our children to develop mild rice snack without any additives and oil frying.

Second philosophy

We have a wide selection of products that use various sub-ingredients and nutrition to support growth and development.

Third philosophy
Eating habit

We help our children to have healthy eating habit by having them taste rice before tasting other grains.

Fourth Philosophy

Products help build children’s chewing capability in advance even if children do not have fully grown teeth, and they are also designed to melt easily in the mouth.

Fifth philosophy

Rice snacks have various shapes that allow children to develop muscles when they grab snacks.

Sixth Philosophy

We help children recognize and distinguish color with products that naturally change color according to the original color of the raw ingredient.

Seventh philosophy

Children can develop senses by enjoying everything, including grabbing and tasting snacks of various shapes and colors.

Renewallife produce food for all family members with confidence.

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